• Edd Baptista Works

    Paintings & Drawings

    Edd Baptista was ten years old when he came to Canada from the Philippines in 1977. He graduated with a scholarship from The Ontario College of Art (now OCAD University) in 1989. Edd worked in advertising as an art director at some of Canada’s top agencies.

    He was involved in numerous industry-honoured campaigns. While working in advertising, Edd learned to see art from new perspectives and is excited to bring this experience to his painting. He has generated a provocative new body of work with his

    MMA paintings and studies that is both intimate and explosive, raw and refined. Edd lives in Toronto.

    He can reached at edd.baptista@gmail.com

  • MMArt

    2014 -2017

    Nate, 30" x 44" acrylic, conte & charcoal on printmaking paper

    Respite, Attempt & Sweep (Triptych), 53" x 17"acrylic, conte & charcoal on panel.

    Sweat, 60" x 44" ( diptych, 2 30" x 44" printmaking paper ), acrylic, conte & charcoal

    Paintings and studies of mixed martial arts fighters in combat.

  • GSP Amidst Three Bloody Bodies, 42"x 68", oil on canvas.

  • Coolture


    Muhammad & Joe, Coolture Series 2016 50" x 37 1/2", oil on acetate.


    An ongoing series of commision-based portraits of iconographic figures of popular culture.

  • The Hailey Drawings


    McCainObama, 60" x 44" (2 30" x 44" printmaking paper), acrylic, conte, charcoal, oil pastels & pencil


    These drawings are collaborative pieces by Edd and his then seven year-old daughter, Hailey.

  • Tex Ray


    Minnie Robot Arms, Tex Ray Series, 23.5" x 23.5", oil on canvas


    Extinction, Tex Avery cartoons and nudes were the starting pointsto Tex Ray. Using found objects like negative film printing and x-rays of ailments, these are ideas about the changing media, old and new.

  • CV



    OCADU, Diploma, Communication and Design,

    Recipient of the Robyn Comyn Cumine Illustration Scholarship




    John B. Aird Gallery - Toronto

    The Artist Project - Toronto

    Propeller Gallery - Toronto

    Arta Gallery - Toronto


    The Figureworks Exhibition - Ottawa (Winner, Third Place)

    The Gladstone Hotel - Toronto

    Ontario Society of Artists - Toronto

    Queen West Art Crawl - Toronto

    Art Walk In The Square - Toronto (Winner, Best Of Show)

    Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - Toronto

    Riverdale Art Walk -Toronto

    Super Wonder Gallery - Toronto

    TA2 - Toronto




    Waddington's - Toronto

    ArtBomb - Toronto




    Emboss Magazine - October Issue